Tuesday, 1 June 2010

General HQ News

So, first of all apologies from HQ for the lack of communication and content recently. Our fearless leader has fallen ill and is currently having to issue her orders from a hospital bed. She is stable, although pretty uncomfortable, and we hope she'll be released soon. In the meantime The AIM is being run at a slightly slower pace than normal but nothing will stop the progress and the revolution we all fight for, not even this. I am coordinating things myself as best I can with a little guidance from AK. I want to at this point say a big thank you to everyone who has sent and posted messages of support for AK. She gets and appreciates them all. I also want to say a special thank you to new AIM members Mother Justice and Danjomar for stepping in and taking on the Twitter and Facebook aspect of The AIM. All help is appreciated, especially right now, and if anyone else can contribute in any way please let me know.

So, speaking of new members, we have a whole handful of them for you! And let me tell you, in my sincere opinion, they're all fantastic! So, in no particular order (which means in the random order that I remember them) we have Eastborn, Brent Lee Regan, Mother Justice, Enki, Danjomar and, as an honorary member, RHHF's Lady Chinita. Some of these members have been blogged about before, but I just don't think they all got enough attention. Eastborn is an emcee from Glasgow who works here as well as in Australia, USA and Italy. He is the biggest selling Scottish emcee and is also a youth worker and political activist as well as the founder of Drop Zone records. Brent Lee Regan is another UK emcee and also the founder and producer of False Flag Productions which handles Music production and sound design for digital media, film and entertainment properties. Mother Justice is not an artist but has already proven herself to be extremely dedicated and hardworking. She has made a huge contribution to The AIM already by working with AK and myself on posting content to The AIM Facebook, Twitter and MySpace sites. Our next new member is up and coming US emcee Enki who came highly recommended by our very own Capital-”X” and is also the founder of Free Dome Records. Danjomar is a UK based DJ (although he's living abroad at the moment) and is looking forward to being able to attend the UK events with us once her returns. We have long been offering membership to Lady Chinita as she is just perfect for The AIM but she felt she didn't have the time to commit to us. As she does so much for us already, and especially for our artists, we have insisted that she accept honorary membership in thanks for all her hard work. I have attached links so you can check out each of them and add them if you have not already.

The facebook users amongst you will have seen the adverts for Fire & Ice which is a show being performed by AIM members Capital-”X” and Monte Smith. It promises to be totally awesome and I'd give a couple of family members in exchange for the chance to be there. If you don't know all about it then read on. Cobblestone Country Club, 200 Vernon McAfee Road, Vernon, NJ, June 4th at 11pm local time. Tickets $10, reserve in advance to be sure not to miss out. That's all you need to know. Be there or regret it! I certainly will. The event will be filmed (which is a small consolation I suppose), edited and submitted to the NYC Independent Film Festival. Seriously people, if you only give yourself one gift this year, this should definitely be it!

Oh and please accept my apologies that The AIM monthly newsletter will be a few days late due to the absence of our dear President. I'll get it out to you all as soon as possible!

Anyway, today's recommendation is to go have mosey around The AIM website, visit the pages of our artists and show some love on their social networking pages, and please excuse the construction work you will come across!

*Santa Maria*
Vice President of The AIM

“Revolution is not a one time event.”
(Audre Lorde)


  1. Fire and Ice must have been an incredible event to see live. The combination of true revolutionaries and lyricists like 'X' and Monte must be explosive. We'll see that explosion before we know it. :)

  2. the blog and the new site design header looks great..big ups The aim...