Monday, 12 April 2010

Capital-"X" Opens Fire With '305375

Capital-"X" is an American hip-hop artist, reformed prisoner, hardcore AIM soldier, death penalty abolitionist, prisoners' rights campaigner, and a good friend of mine. He is the person who has inspired me to explore the facts of capital punishment and to be active in the struggle against it. He spends his time on the frontlines fighting this struggle in many different ways and one of them is using hip-hop, or 'raptivism', as a tool to educate and empower people. The AIM is behind him every step of the way and vice versa. His membership has strengthened The AIM even further and we're grateful for all the help he gives us, and AK and I are sincerely grateful for the friendship he has extended to us both. He is a man we both care about and respect deeply, along with other key members who have become like blood to us.

Capital-'X's new album is called 305375 and is named after his last prisoner record number. It is available on pre-release now from his
website, and will be officially launched on May 19th. I already have a copy and I love it. This is not the kind hip-hop you hear on the radio, which can only be a good thing, because it can be described as nothing less than revolutionary. This is the kind of hip-hop that brings people together in solidarity to fight for justice, human rights, equality, tolerance, peace and freedom. You can read a recent review of the album here and an exclusive interview with Capital-"X" by our homegirl LAtinaBeatz here. It's worth checking 'X' out if you don't already know him, and even if you do, because he's a continuous force of unstoppable resistance against those who must be resisted. The thing you really want to do is buy this album. Buy it now. AK47 prides herself on only recruiting the most talented, passionate and real emcees and Capital-'X' is no exception and his album is a testament to that. According to AK he is "Ill Bill, Johnny Cash and Che Guevara combined in the body of one hardass soft hearted Puerto Rican". I just think he's a lovely gentleman who makes wonderful music. ;)


Today's recommendation is for an exclusive new collaborative single called We Are Warriors featuring Capital-'X' in case you are jonesing for a fix before May 19th. This collaboration comes out of Sweden and was all done for relief efforts for Haiti and Chile. Triz, Chovy & F.D (Sweden's answer to The Snowgoons) present We Are Warriors (featuring Lilone, Albinloan, Diplomatico, Capital-X and Kareem) . There is a video in the pipelines so keep your eyes peeled for that. You can also listen to the track while you read Capital-'X's fascinating blog right
here so go scratch the itch.

"Fighting with words instead of weapons."
(The AIM)

*Santa Maria*
*Vice-President of The AIM*

“To me the death penalty is vengeance, and vengeance doesn't really help anyone in the healing process.”
(Bud Welch)

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